MEM Seminars, 2007-08

Date Seminars


Welcome and Orientation Programme 7th Intake of MEM students 2007-2008 & Inaugural Seminar for 2007-2008

"Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Strategies in Singapore"
Mr Edwin Khew, Nominated Member of Parliament and Chair, Sustainable Energy Association (SEAS)

"Civic Action and NGO Initiatives in response to Global Climate Change"
Mr Howard Shaw, Executive Director, Singapore Environment Council

"Generating a Practical Approach to CSR in The Singapore Electricity Market"
Mr Roy Adair, President and CEO, Senoko Power Ltd


Seminar on "From Sustainable Homes to Sustainable Cities: Experiences in India and Morocco"

Ms Sayee Deodhar
Senior Architect & Environmental Management Specialist, Spacematrix, Bangalore


Seminar on Law and the Environment - focus on Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change

"Environmental Law in Action - the Visayan Sea Story"
Attorney Antonio A. Oposa JR.

"Post-Kyoto Protocol - Climate Change Initiatives in the Australian Context"
Prof Michael Jeffery
Professor, Division of Law; Director, Centre for Environmental Law; Head, Department of Environmental Law, Macquarie University, Sydney


Seminar on "Sustainability in Philips Consumer Electronics"

Mr Nils de Caluwe
Senior Sustinability Advisor
Philips Consumer Electronics
Phiplips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd


Seminar on "Partnerships for Investments in the Enviroment"

Dr Isabelle Louis
Director, Asia/Pacific Programme
WWF International


Workshop on Environmental Ethics

Dr Ho Hua Chew
Chairman of the Conservation Committee of The Nature Society (Singapore)


Seminar on "Global Warming: Exploring the True Root Cause."

Dr Scott Victor Valentine
Researcher, LKY School of Public Policy


Seminar on "Compensation for Environmental Damage under International Law: The UNCC Experience."

Dr Asanga Gunawansa
Assistant Professor,
Department of Building, School of Design and Environment


Fieldtrip to HDB


URA Fieldtrip


Seminar on "Environmental Reporting Workshop."

Ms Caroline Jane Johnson
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, MEM program & Director, PAIA Consulting

Alumni Sharing Series

Mr Arun Kumar
Executive Director, World Toilet Organisation

Ms Mary-Anne Pan
Assistant Director, National Environment Agency

Ms Jasmine Teo
CSR Manager, Capital Land Ltd


Workshop on "Workshop on Negotiation on Environmental Issues."

Assoc Prof Lim Lan Yuan
Department of Real Estate, School of Design and Environment