Seminars/Field Trips

MEM Seminars, 2009-10

Date Seminars


Welcome and Orientation Programme 9th Intake of MEM students 2009-2010 & Inaugural Seminar for 2009-2010

"Caring for the Environment - Story of a Rich Grandfather and CPR Economics"
Attorney Antonio A. Oposa Jr.

Speech by Mr Donny Ching, Head, Legal Department, Shell Companies in Singapore


Seminar on "Large, Measurable, State of the Art, Long Term Guaranteed Energy Efficiency for Buildings: Does Anyone Want It?"

Mr Lee Eng Lock
General Manager
TRANE Singapore

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Seminar on "The Food's Professional Dilemma - a healthy diet or a healthy profit?"

Prof Albert Ernest Joseph McGill
Visiting Professor
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science
National Unviersity of Singapore


Seminar on "The Criticality of Resource Reuse and Recycling in Indian Industry"

Dr Weslynne Ashton
Associate Research Scientist,
Lecturer & Director,
Program on Industrial Ecology in Developing Countries
Yale University,
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

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Seminar on "Cuba - A Model of Socio-Eco Sustainablility?

Ms Betty L Khoo-Kingsley
Eco-educator, Researcher, Writer and Presenter


Seminar on "Responsible Business, Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development

Mr Thomas Thomas
Executive Director
Singapore Compact for CSR


Seminar on "Green Gold Management in Asia: Grass, Money, and the Environment

Dr Micah Woods
President and Research Director r
Asia Turfgrass Center


Seminar on "Environmental Sustainability vs. Economic Sustainability"

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Dr Asanga Gunawansa
Assistant Professor, Department of Building
School of Design and Environment


Seminar on "Recycling - Recent Developments, Issues and Challenges"

Dr Peck Thian Guan
Director, Office of Safety, Health and Environmet, National University of Singapore
Member of the Economic Research Institute of Asean and East Asia 3R Working Group


Seminar on "Greening the Environment."

Mr Ng Lang
Chief Executive Officer,
National Parks Board


Seminar on "Shell Energy Dialogue: The Transition to a New Energy Future"

Mr Warren Fernandez
Regional Director (Asia Pacific),
Global Communications Strategy, Shell



Seminar on "Singapore Green Buildings: How Regulations and Incentives Can Accelerate Development"

Mr Lee Chuan Seng
Founding President
Singapore Green Building Council


Seminar on "An Assessment of the Influence of Tides and River Works on the Frequency of Flooding"

Prof Cheong Hin Fatt
NUS Department of Civil Engineering and
School of Design and Environment