MEM Seminars, 2011-12

Date Seminars

23 Mar 2012

"Silicones and Environmental Health of  Marine Environments"

Professor Dan Rittschof, Duke University, USA

16 Mar 2012

Social Media for Social Change: A Handy Tool for Environmentalists

Ms Bhavani Prakash, Eco Walk the Talk

09 Mar 2012

“Use of material budgets for catchment management”

Professor Robert James Wasson, Visiting Professor, Department of Geography, NUSĀ  (Former Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and International at Charles Darwin University)

02 Mar 2012

“WindMade, Carbon Conscious Companies & Vestas: New Business Opportunities”

Mr Naveen Raghavan Balachandran, Director, ANZ/NSEA, Global Marketing & Customer Insights, Asia-Pacific & China, Vestas Asia Pacific

10 Feb 2012

“Solid Waste Management: Are Bottom-Up Solutions Up-Scalable: The Phnom Penh and Ayutthaya Cases”

Dr. Chuthatip Maneepong, Affiliate Faculty, School of Politics and Global Studies, Arizona State University

27 Jan 2012

“Environmental Managers as Dynamic Intermediaries”

Professor Jerome Whittington, Tembusu College, NUS

13 Jan 2012

“Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability”

Mr Bob Fleming, Adjunct Associate Professor, NUS Business School

14 Oct 2011

"Environmental Management in the Anthropocene Epoch"

Professor Nick Robinson, Gilbert and Sarah Kerlin Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law, Pace University School of Law, USA

07 Oct 2011

“The Great Disruption”

Mr Toh Wee Khiang, Executive Director, Human Capital, and Executive Director, Building Infrastructure Solutions, Economic Development Board (EDB)

30 Sept 2011

"Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team: Combating Cambodia's Illegal Wildlife Trade"

Ms Amy Van Nice, International Development Manager/Environmental Education Project Manager, Wildlife Alliance, Cambodia;


Mr Nick Marx, Wildlife Rescue and Care Director, Wildlife Alliance

16 Sept 2011

“Painting a Greener Future: Greener methods in environmental management in the marketplace”

Mr Carl Baptista, Founder and Director of Research and Development, Origin Group (which includes ORIGIN Scientia Pte Ltd), Singapore

19 Aug 2011

“From iQ to Qi: Are you prepared for Green 2.0?”

Ms Mette Christine Oustrop, Founder and CEO, Qi Global, Singapore

12 Aug 2011

“Rationale, History and Approaches of Ecological Economics”

Professor Matthias Ruth,
Roy F. Weston Chair in Natural Economics, Director, Center for Integrative Envmtl Research,
Co-Director, Engineering and Public Policy, University of Maryland, USA

29 July 2011

Nature and nature conservation in Singapore: perspective, prospects, and positioning in the context of Environmental Management” (Inaugural Seminar for 2011-12)

Dr Shawn Lam, President, Nature Society (Singapore)