Completed Dissertations 2005/2006

No. Student Dissertation Title Supervisors
1 Mr Bu Fan

The Environmental Impact of Passenger Car Deregistration in Singapore.


A/Prof Anthony Chin
(Dept of Economics, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)

2 Ms Lee Sok Nee

Printing Industry in Singapore: Environmental Management System (EMS) As A Business Strategy.

A/Prof Lye Lin Heng
(Faculty of Law)

3 Ms Anbarasi Boopal

Captive breeding as a tool for conservation of endangered species: lion-tailed macaque (malacca silenus)
- A Comparative case study of programs worldwide.

Dr Maharaj Krishan Pandit
(University Scholars Office)


4 Mr Christian Rae P. Bustamante

A Model for an Integrated Assessment of Sustainability for Fossil Fuel-fired Electricity Generating Utilities.

Prof George Ofori
(Dept of Building, School of Design & Environment)

5 Ms Duong Thi Duc Hanh

Policy Building For Environmental Protection of Craft Villages in Vietnam.

A/Prof Lye Lin Heng
(Faculty of Law)

6 Mr Gunawan Tanuwidjaja

Developing A Landscale Evaluation Tool For Developing Countries, A Case Study of Bintan Island, Indonesia.

Dr Malone-Lee Lai Choo
(Dept of Real Estate, School of Design & Environment)

7 Mr Hardeep Singh

Potential of Allelopathy for Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems And it's Role in Reducing Environmental Pollution: A Study Report.

A/Prof Swarup, Sanjaysign
(Dept of Biological Science, Faculty of Science)

8 Ms Sayee Vijay Sohoni

Strategic Greenways Planning in New Delhi

Dr Ong Boon Lay
(School of Design & Environment)

9 Mr Pak-Juan Koe

Developing a Common Framework for Tracking Corporate Environmental Performance and Establishing an Environmental Code of Conduct for the Hotel Industry in Singapore.

A/Prof Audrey Chia
(Business School)

10 Mr Scott Victor Valentine

An Empirical Test of The Corporate Environmental Governance Financial Performance Relationship.

A/Prof Victor Savage
(Dept of Georgraphy, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)

11 Ms Shobha Kumari Yadav

The Management of POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) Pesticides in Nepal: Focus on Dhading District.

Prof Prof Koh Kheng Lian
(Faculty of Law)


12 Ms Shubha Sudneendra

Technological Interventions in Indoor Air Quality Monitoring in Rural Indian Households.

Dr Dr Rajasekhar Bala
(Division of Environmental Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering)


13 Mr Tan Kek Chon

The Implementation of Organic Food Waste Recycling in Singapore.

A/Prof Lye Lin Heng
(Faculty of Law)  

14 Ms Vo Thi Thu Mai

An Evaluation of Resource-User Participation in Fisheries Management. Case Studies in Tam Giang Lagoon, Vietnam.

Dr Joseph Chun
(Dept of Real Estate, School of Design & Environment)

15 Mr Trond Inge Lovdal

The casefor a Marine Protected Area in Singapore - A Future Catalyst for Singapore's Integrated Marine and Coastal Management

Prof Chou Loke Ming
(Dept of Biological Science, Faculty of Science)

16 Mr Goh Kiang Lip, Eugene

Singapore's Coral Reefs: The Next Step in its Rehabilitation and Long Term Management

Prof Chou Loke Ming
(Dept of Biological Science, Faculty of Science)