Completed Dissertations 2007/2008

No. Student Dissertation Title Supervisors
1 Mr. Indra Djohar

Coastal Zone Utilization and Policy in Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Prof Chou Loke Ming
Faculty of Science

2 Ms Jennifer Luy

Carbon Credits in the Philippines

Dr Chang Youngho,
Faculty of Engineering

3 Ms Lim Hiong Li

Building Environmental Ownership Through Partnership: A Government-Led Approach

Dr Malone-Lee Lai Choo
School of Design & Environemnt

4 Ms M.Anna Geevarughese

Greening Malaysia: The Palm Oil Industry And Biofuel Potentials

Assoc Prof Victor Savage
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

5 Mr Marvin Montefrio

Production and Utilisation of Biodisesel Derived from Waste Cooking Oil: A Feasibility Study of Its Application in Marikina City, Phillippines

Assoc Prof Jeff Obbard
Faculty of Engineering


6 Ms Mary-Anne Pan Lu-Yin

Consumer Behaviour in the Use of Mobile Phones in Singapore, and Overall Management of the Generation of Electronic Waste

Assoc Prof Audrey Chia
NUS Business School

7 Ms Maureen Abdullah Hameed

Study on the solid waste management strategy in the Maldives: Current status and the prospect of an integrated waste management system.

Assoc Prof Bai Renbi
Faculty of Engineering

Assoc Prof Jesuthason Thampapillai
LKY School of Public Policy

8 Ms Meera Sahasranaman

India: Virtual Water Trade and Sustainable Water Resources Management

Prof Koh Kheng Lian
Faculty of Law

9 Ms Merina Ranjit

Assessment of Municipal Wastewater Management in Nepal: Opportunity for Public Participation

Dr Paul Barter
LKY School of Public Policy

10 Ms Meutia Chaerani

Industrial Symbiosis to Complement Spatial Planning: A Proposed Framework

Dr Malone-Lee Lai Choo
School of Design & Environment

11 Ms Mya Thu Win

Sustainable Urban Development in Yangon, Myanmar

Assoc Prof Savage Victor
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

12 Ms The Kyi Soe

Development of Sustainable Shrimp Acquaculture in Ayeyarwady Mangroves, Myanmar

Prof Chou Loke Ming
Faculty of Science

13 Ms Wang Xiaojuan

Review of Food Hygiene in Singapore

Assoc Prof Lye Lin Heng
Faculty of Law

14 Ms Yap Peiling, Suzanna

A Study On Spent Household Battery Waste Management in Singapore

Assoc Prof Ting Yen Ping
Faculty of Engineering