Completed Dissertations 2008/2009

No. Student Dissertation Title Supervisors
1 Mr. Ang Boon Kiat

Feasibility of Solar Photovoltaics for Households.

Prof Ng Kim Choon
Faculty of Engineering

2 Mr. Cheng Yen Shaun

Setting up an Environmental Management System - a case study of challenges faced within a Singapore manufacturing facility and proposed solutions

Dr Kua Harn Wei, School of Design & Environment

3 Ms Liang Mui Keow

Effects of Foreign Labour Policies on Carbon Emissions in Singapore's Construction Industry

Prof Low Sui Pheng,
School of Design & Environemnt

4 Ms Ng Kai Scene

Potential of Biodiesel Production from Microalgae in Singapore

Assoc Prof Jeff Obbard,
Faculty of Engineering

5 Mr Poh Wei Leong

A Climate Change Burden Sharing Model Using Bayes' Theorem

Assoc Prof Jesuthason Thampapillai
LKY School of Public Policy

6 Mr A.M.M Adeeb

Thermal Comfort in the Current State of Air Conditioning At The National University of Singapore

Assoc Prof Chandra Sekhar,
School of Design & Environment

7 Mr Asadullah

Role of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) Pakistan for Sustainability

Ms Carrie Johnson,
Dean's Office

8 Ms G. Kannagi

Thermal Performance of Vertical Greenery Systems in the Tropical Environment

Assoc Prof Wong Nyuk Hien,
School of Design & Environment

9 Mr. Ittoo Girish Raj

An Integrated Coastal Management Strategy for the Island of Mauritius

Prof Chou Loke Ming
Faculty of Science

10 Mr. Jaideep Singh Panwar

The Public Role in Mitigating Climate Change: Perspectives From Singapore

Assoc Victor Savage,

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

11 Mr. Loh Peng Kiam, Kenneth

Carbon Disclosure and Competitiveness of Businesses - A perspective of Singapore Companies

Ms Carrie Johnson,
Dean's Office

12 Mr Mohammad Ali Naghizadeh

Analyzing Institutional Barriers to Sustainable Development: the case study of Tehran

Dr Malone-Lee Lai Choo,
School of Design & Environment

13 Mr Priyank Dinkerbhai Desai

Urban Environmental Quality of Ahmedabad City

Dr Ong Boon Lay,
School of Design & Environment

14 Ms Pun Wui-Mei

Towards Sustainable Development: A Master Plan on Food Waste Management in Singapore

Assoc Prof Lye Lin Heng,
Faculty of Law

15 Mr S.M. Faysal Kabir Shuvo

Morphological and Physiological Analysis for Measuring Urban Environmental Performance: A Case study of Bukit Panjang Planning Area

Dr Perry Yang,
School of Design & Environment

16 Ms. Deepika Shrestha

A Community Waters and Sanitation Project in Semi-Urban Area of Nepal: Assessments Based on Perception & Sustainability Criteria

Assoc Prof Jesuthason Thampapillai,
LKY School of Public Policy